About Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler’s core business is to arrange ads from advertisers and media agencies to publishers that operate websites. We do this through our network which is used by 2,000 advertisers and comprises 140,000 publishers.

Tradedoubler operates on the dynamic market of online marketing in Europe. Competitors are primarily other intermediaries with networks that offer possibilities for online marketing.

In addition to its core business Network, Tradedoubler also has an independent business unit Technology that supplies the technical platform within performance-based marketing.

Paid according to performance

The advertising rates are determined by the result achieved by the ads, often measured in terms of how many people click on an ad, register on a home page or purchase something. The remuneration to Tradedoubler is calculated as a share of the advertising rate. We call this performance-based marketing.

Large reach

Tradedoubler reaches around 75 per cent of Europe’s internet users (approximately 68 per cent including Russia). Our large reach is unique and represents a competitive advantage over other players.

Good deal for our clients

Tradedoubler uses its knowledge of internet marketing, transaction tracking technology, advanced administrative systems and extensive network in order to drive good business for both advertisers and publishers.

The share

The share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Small Cap segment.